This Cat Has Trust Issues With The Doorway

| Published on June 19, 2015

Cats are naturally funny. It’s because they do random silly things that have us laughing out loud, and the way they react to things is really funny. They get so nervous sometimes and it causes them to jump. Maybe that’s where the term “Scaredy-cat” came from!

But this cat has her own silly behavior. Her name is Harley Quinn and she’s an American Ragdoll mix. According to her humans, ever since Harley Quinn was a kitten, she has been displaying a unique behavior of jumping through doorways. No matter what house they live in, Harley always hops out of her parents’ doorway every single time! Watch the video below and see her hop out of the doorway!

That is so cute! Her owners say that Harley cannot exit the room without hopping out of the door! They cannot explain why Harley does this though. Any ideas? Leave a comment below!