This Cat Ended Up Loving Bath Time!

| Published on January 15, 2016

Some cats are really well-behaved when it comes to bath time. If you have one of these cats, consider yourself a lucky owner! Check out this video of a beautiful Sphynx hopping in the tub after a little bit of coaxing with one of her favorite toys. Sphynx cats need to be washed frequently to wash away the oil that accumulates on their hairless skin, since they do not have any fur to spread or absorb it. If they aren’t bathed properly or often enough, they will leave oil stains on surfaces they come in contact with. Although bath time is for a purpose, she sure is having a ton of fun in there!

After climbing into the bathtub and seeing it wasn’t so bad, she decided to stay and play with her toy and splash in the warm water. Unfortunately, her sibling had to be placed in the tub, but quickly realized the same thing. My older cat loves when I fill up the tub, and will sit in there with me and put his paws in the water. One of the first times he saw a bubble bath, he dove right in! Some cats just aren’t as turned off by water than others.

Something you may not of known about the Sphynx is that despite the rumor that they are hypoallergenic because of their lack of hair, they aren’t necessarily. They do have dead skin cells and dander that shed from their skin, making them no more allergenic than a cat with fur. Since it is the dander in cats fur that causes most people to have allergies to cats.

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