This Cat Doesn’t Mind When His Owners Use Him As A Broom!

| Published on December 29, 2015

Although we have to clean up after our pets, our pets can also help us clean the house. When you have cats in the house, you won’t have to dust your shelves as much because your cats do the dusting with their fur when they lie down on it.

But the cat in the video below does more than just dusting. This cat doesn’t mind if his owners use him to clean the floor! With just a gentle push, this cat’s fur can clean the floor as well as a mop can! Check out the video below!

Source: Chill cat doesn’t mind being used as a broom by WoodlandWolf on Rumble

The floors are clean, thanks to the cat’s fur sliding across the floor!

Do you think your cat would let you do this? Regardless, please don’t do it, okay? Just go get a mop and leave your kitty’s fur alone! LOL!