This Cat Can Do 30 Amazing Tricks At The Sound Of A Clicker!

Written by: Adri Sandoval
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| Published on June 3, 2015

We’ve all heard it before… some people think that cats aren’t trainable. “They don’t do tricks on command like dogs do.” And to that we say… of course! Cats are far different from dogs, but before you jump to conclusions you might want to watch this video. It will surely turn those doubters into believers because this cat can do at least 30 tricks all with a simple click!
In fact, this kitty is the second cat to ever earn the Advanced Trick Dog title from Do More With Your Dog!, which is the official sanctioning and organization for the sport of dog tricks. This cute cat is also much younger than the previous winner. Way to go, kitty! And same to you, Jacob Hollingsworth, KPA CTP, who happens to be this kitty’s loving human! Click the video to watch this creative duo in action, it’s sure to leave you impressed!

I’m deeply impressed – are you? Big round of applause for Kitty and Jacob Hollingsworth for their time and efforts to achieve such a lofty goal! Great job, guys!

Can you cat do any tricks? We’d love to hear about some of our other talented fans out there, so don’t be bashful – speak up! It’s your time to brag about your accomplishments! 🙂 You can do so at the bottom of this page in the comments section.

Source: Karen Pryor, Clicker Training

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