This Adorable Kitten Copies Every Move Her Mama Makes

| Published on June 28, 2015

Kittens are just like children–they learn a lot from their parents. And just like children, they can learn by observing. They can learn a lot simply by watching and imitating their mothers. And it’s so fun to watch cute little kittens learning and doing things for the first time!

We have a feeling that you’re gonna enjoy this adorable video! This kitten is a fast learner, and she learns by copying her mom’s every move! In the video, the mama cat is busy cleaning and grooming herself. So the kitten watches her mom’s every move and tries to imitate and follow her actions! It’s just so adorable! Watch the video below!

Awww…wasn’t that the cutest? I sure hope there are more videos of this kitty imitating her mother. I could watch this cutie all day!

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