They Went In For Cat Food, And Came Out With A 25 lb Rescue Cat!

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on July 18, 2015

When Reddit user GREGORIOtheLION went into PetSmart to pick up some cat food, he never thought he’d leave with another cat. It was just another ordinary day, and as he strolled in he happened to meet eyes with a beautiful ginger tabby. As the two looked at each other, it was clear that it was love at first sight.

A photo of the sweet cat on the day he met his new family:



The man had to meet this cat who stole his heart, even with his wife waiting outside in the car. According to his Reddit account, he said: “When I walked into the PetSmart to get food, I saw this dude, Pumpkin, in the SPCA adoption center. His paperwork said he was 25 lbs and came from England. His owners brought him here and had a kid, so they dumped him after 6 years because he was ‘too needy’. Whatever.”

The little squeak that stole their hearts:

The large cat literally squeaked when he was let out of the cage so the two could bond, and his wife instantly fell in love just as her husband did. Upon his adoption, his name was changed to “Pumpkin” and the rest was history! Per the vet’s advice, the couple is taking great care of Pumpkin and working on getting his weight down through a healthy diet and exercise. He started out at a whopping 25 lbs, but has since made great progress!

Perfectly happy now:

“With the adoption came instructions that we need to get his weight down. Which we’ve done before with our other cat. The vet said he’s actually 21.8 lbs, and we need to get him to 13. He’s the most affectionate cat we’ve ever had. We normally don’t keep the name they come with, but what else do you call a 25 lb orange cat?”

Pumpkin’s new setup, in the office:



We are so happy that this loving kitty found a forever home where he can live in happiness for the rest of his days! Share sweet Pumpkin’s story with your friends!