They Needed To Break The Walls Just To Rescue This Cat

Nigel Williamson is an animal rescuer and runs an animal rescue business. He was called one night to rescue this cat, that’s trapped in between two solid concrete walls. Nigel has rescued thousands of cats over the years, but admits that this is the hardest rescue he has done yet. After making an initial hole in the wall, they realized they weren’t close enough to reach the cat. So now he needs to break through more concrete and cut through steal beams without harming the cat at a different spot in the wall.
It’s been over five hours since the cat has been stuck and his owner is getting more and more anxious. Thankfully, two fire trucks arrive and help Nigel in the process. Equipped with machines that will help Nigel do his job, they desperately worked together until they were able to pull the cat to safety after six hours of being wedged between the walls! Amazing rescue! We’re so glad he’s OK and back in his momma’s arms!

What a relief to see the cat safe and alive after hours of trying to rescue him!
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Written by Johnny Ferniz
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