These Two Blind Cats Are Not Gonna Let Their Disability Slow Them Down

| Published on March 14, 2016

Grace and Max are two rescue blind cats. Both came from Saving Grace Rescue in San Francisco.

Max’s eyeballs were ruptured when he was young. He looked pretty bad when he was a kitten. If he was placed in some other shelter, he would’ve already been euthanized, but thanks to Saving Grace rescue, Max was saved.

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  Thanks to Saving Grace Rescue, Max was able to undergo eye surgery and he was able to recover and grow into a handsome cat. Luckily, a couple adopted Max and gave him a loving, forever home.

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Grace, on the other hand, was a really shy kitten. She was blind when the couple who adopted Max met her. But they knew right away that she would be a perfect addition to the family.

  Grace grew into a beautiful cat. And she became Max’s best buddy.

The two get along so well together.


#Caturday kisses everyone! 💋😽🐈#blindcatsrock

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  And boy do they love each other!

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Watch the video below and learn a little more about these two beautiful blind cats!

They’re not letting anything slow them down!

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Awwwww…I can’t help but fall in love with these two!

For more photos of Max and Grace, check them out on Instagram!

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