These Cats Really Love Looking At Themselves!

Written by: Adri Sandoval
Adri Sandoval is the Special Projects Manager for iHeartDogs and iHeartCats. Her work has deepened her love for animals, fostering a strong passion for rescue and animal advocacy.Read more
| Published on September 1, 2015

Wow…hello there! How ya doin, good lookin’? Fancy meeting you here. Hmmm…it seems like you just love to check me out, admit it now! My, my, you’re just too handsome for words. I swear, I think I’m truly falling in love with you and I just want to.. I can’t help kissing you and licking you clean all over!!

How about a kiss or two, honey? Oh you lovely creature you, where did you come from? May I go home and spend the rest of my nine lives with you? I just can’t get enough of you and how handsome you look! I’ve never felt like this in my whole life before. Come and stay with me, talk to me. Don’t just repeat every word I say!

Cats are so smart yet when they are in front of mirrors, they lose themselves, don’t they? They always think that their reflection is that of another cat and they are mesmerized! Makes me wonder if any cat has ever attacked itself. Share this with other cat lovers and let’s find out! 😀