These “Cat Eyes” Are INCREDIBLE and Just In Time for Halloween

| Published on September 23, 2015

Get ready to be seriously jelly of this woman’s make-up talent. Tal Peleg is a visual artist from Israel who has a real talent for make-up and photography.

You won’t believe it – but all of these amazing designs she did herself…on HERSELF… simply using a mirror!

How does she do it???

“Using the right products and mostly a lot patience,” she told

She loves cats, and her own kitties have been an inspiration for many of the following designs.

These “cat eyes” are just in time for Halloween – maybe they will inspire you try something bold and daring this Hallow’s Eve!

You can see more her amazing designs on her Facebook and Instagram pages. Photos reprinted with permission.

Image Source: Tal Peleg / Facebook

Cute friendship! Baymax and Mochi the cat from Big Hero 6 :)~~~MAIN PRODUCTSBaymax: Mehron NY white watercolor…

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“You will always be in my heart” ❤ This is a collaboration with the amazing Simone Simons (@smoonstyle), the vocalist of the metal band “Epica”. I’m a huge fan for so many years #fangirl 😊 Simone lost her cat Minou half a year ago, and since I know how hard it is to lose a pet, and Minou was so cute, I was heartbroken when I heard about it. I created this eye-art for Simone, in memory of Minou… illustrating one more moment of them two together. I guess that everyone who lost a pet could relate to it somehow… we all wish we had a few more moments with them… I would love to have a magical moment like this with my Louis, I miss him. 💜Read Simone’s post about me on 🔸🔸🔸 MAIN PRODUCTS Lid: @sugarpill Soot and stars mixed with Elemental chaos eyeshadow crease and up: Sugarpill Velocity and Holy ghost eyeshadows Eyebrow and dress: Monaco watercolor + @sugarpill Countess eyeshadow Black details- tree, cat, eyeliner: @mehronmakeup black watercolor and @physiciansformula eye-booster eyeliner Leaves of the tree: @sugarpill Penelope, Kryolan watercolor Simone’s skin: Monaco watercolor Simone’s hair: @sugarpill penelope and @concreteminerals Ember  Lower lash line: Sugarpill Countess and Goldilux Waterline: Morphebrushes gel eyeliner Mascara: @eyeko black magic False lashes: @thrivecausemetics – For every product purchased, one is donated to a woman going through cancer treatment.

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Ginger is the new black ;)Dedicated to my own ginger cat-friend, Neo. <3 ~~~MAIN PRODUCTS:Cat: Kryolan…

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So many dogs and cats are waiting in shelters, in cold and lonely cages, just waiting for you to give them a loving…

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My beloved cat Louis was my inspiration for the cat-eye design. He passed away today, at the age of almost six, after a…

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This one is particularly cool for Halloween…

• Sally, “The nightmare before Christmas” •”And does he notice my feelings for him?And will he see how much he means…

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Image Source: Tal Peleg / Facebook
Image Source: Tal Peleg / Facebook
Image Source: Tal Peleg / Facebook