There’s One Thing This Fluffy Kitty Loves More Than Food!

| Published on July 12, 2015

What does your cat love to play with?

Some cats prefer yarn or balls, and some are more into technology and play with games on the iPad. Some lazy cats just love to eat. But there are also cats who have other favorite things aside from food and toys. Just like the cat in the video below.

This beautiful cat named Nala loves snow! Nala is a Norwegian Forest Cat / Maine Coon mix living in Norway. And the thing she loves to play with the most is snow! Watch the video compilation below of Nala having fun playing with snow!

Awwww…she loves to catch the snowballs! Just when I thought cats would just love to stay inside and keep themselves warm during winter, here’s Nala showing everyone that some cats love to go outside and play in the snow too!

Anyone else here who has a cat who also loves snow? Leave a comment below!