The Truth About Cats | Do Kittens Help You Focus?

| Published on June 27, 2015

Living with a cat is great. But there are times when they can be a total distraction. If you work at home and you have a cat, then you probably know what I’m talking about. Remember Elvis the cat? He doesn’t like to be ignored, so he demands attention from his human, even if she’s busy working.

But cats aren’t always a distraction. Studies show that looking at pictures of babies makes people more successful at performing complicated tasks. But does this apply if people are looking at kittens? In the video below, a scientist is experimenting if pictures of kittens can help people focus and make them more careful. Watch the video below and see what they found out!

Wow! The pictures of the kittens made them more relaxed and made them more careful in completing the test! Maybe this applies to puppies too. What do you think?