The Top 10 Cat Inspired Damask Fabrics for Your Home

| Published on October 5, 2014

Do you want to add cats to your décor, but tired of all the cheesy mass market products? With these lovely damask prints available at, you can choose your fabric type and make some accents for your home that show off the passion for felines while keeping your home elegant. Bonus, you can buy all of these as wallpapers too!

#1 – Damask Cats!

This fun blue and white print has a classic feel to it, while playful tabby cats make it fresh. It would be great for a duvet cover or curtains.

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#2 – Victorian Cat Damask

If you love the look of classic damask, this print if for you. The subtle cat pattern may be missed by your guests at first, but when they take a second look, they will see the graceful felines. This would make a great duvet cover, curtains, or chair covers.

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#3 – Black Cat Damask

If you are looking for a holiday accent during the Fall, this print is for you. The light orange accents over the black and white classic damask are purrfect for Halloween pillows or a table runner.

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#4 – Flock of Frolicking Felines

Looking for color? This print’s got it! A fun and funky print for those who love bold decorating, the cats leap off this fabric. It would be great for a child’s comforter or accent pillows.

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#5 – Damask with Cats Tile

Soft tones make this fabric a wonderful choice if you want a bright color, like red, as your accent. Its large pattern makes it great for curtains, duvet or chair covers, or accent wallpaper.

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#6 – Cats in the Garden

This fun print has an iridescent look to it with playful kitties batting at flowers. The bright colors make it a good choice for a child’s room, or as a table runner in the Spring.

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#7 – Damask Cat Pattern

This is another print that is great for Fall decorating. Use it as a table runner, accent pillows, or season chair coverings.

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#8 – Cat Chase

A more modern twist on damask, this pattern has soft tones with just a touch of bright colors, making it easy to match with trendy orange and blue accents. Use at a fun a wallpaper, curtains, or duvet cover.

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#9 – Twilight Tomcats

There might not be anything cuter than this print. A perfect choice as a wallpaper in a nursery, a duvet cover, or accent pillows. Could also be used as a Halloween table runner.

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#10 – Dutchess Damask

A busier pattern, this old-style damask has the perfect amount of feline elegance for a traditional dining room. It would be perfect for a table runner, chair covers, or an accent wallpaper.