Cat Shied Away From Human Touch Receives Snuggle That Melts His Fear Away

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on February 27, 2024

Meet a cat named ‘The Chicken,’ a unique Sphynx who spent the first two years of his life without anyone to trust or love. Bethany, a cat lover with five cats of her own, decided to foster The Chicken and ultimately adopted him. This little ball of skin had been rescued from a hoarding situation and spent six months in foster care before being put up for adoption. When The Chicken first came into Bethany’s life, he was a quiet and reserved cat. It was apparent that he was not used to being touched or loved. He constantly itched his ears, scratched his body, and licked himself. It was clear that he needed special care and attention.

Bethany began researching Sphynx cats, as she was not familiar with the breed and its unique requirements for maintenance. The Chicken needed a special diet, medication, and frequent baths. His vet bills within the first six months amounted to thousands of dollars, prompting Bethany and her family to cut back on non-essential expenses, like eating out and buying fancy coffee.

Over time, The Chicken’s health improved, and his personality began to shine. He started playing more, running around, and interacting with the other cats in the household. He quickly became the social butterfly of the house, always eager to meet new foster cats and kittens and try their food.

In the year that Bethany has had The Chicken, she has seen a significant change in how he interacts with humans. Initially, visitors were nervous to touch him, fearing he might feel slimy or sticky. However, once they gather the courage to touch him, they discover how soft and addictive touching him is.

The Chicken has a few quirks, such as licking everything – glasses, tables, windows, and walls. He also enjoys sitting on heating vents on the floor, earning him the nickname “Grilled Chicken.” The Chicken is an observant cat, always watching what’s going on and studying everything. Some might say he’s plotting to take over the world, or at least the house.

The Chicken has also learned to take advantage of situations, such as stealing treats left behind by other cats or quickly claiming a warm blanket when another cat leaves it. He even knows how to charm Bethany when she’s scolding the other cats, sitting pretty and acting as if he’s perfect.

There’s something about the way The Chicken looks at you, as if he’s looking into your soul and genuinely wants to get to know you. He now knows he is safe and well-cared for, and his previous life’s layers have been peeled away, revealing an amazing cat underneath.

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