Lady Hands Guy Teeny Kitten Through His Rolled Down Window At Drive-Thru

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on March 30, 2024

On a sweltering morning in August, Kate and Ryan found themselves in a Starbucks drive-thru in South Carolina, unaware that their family was about to grow. During their wait, they noticed a woman passing by with a small kitten in her arms. Ryan, moved by curiosity, rolled down the car window to inquire if the woman had found the kitten recently.

The woman confirmed that she had indeed just found the kitten but admitted she was unable to provide care or a home for it. Immediately, Ryan extended his hand to take the kitten into their care. Ryan and Kate, already cat lovers, made the spontaneous decision to welcome the tiny kitten into their family, expanding their cat household to three.

Their initial errand after leaving the Starbucks wasn’t for coffee but to purchase kitten formula, signaling their commitment to their new, unexpected family member. The instant bond they formed with the kitten, whom they named Clover, was undeniable. Despite the surprise nature of Clover’s adoption, Kate and Ryan were wholeheartedly ready to ensure she had a loving and nurturing home.

A few weeks into Clover’s new life with Kate and Ryan, the tiny kitten experienced a minor mishap necessitating the wearing of a cast, which amusingly rivaled her in size. Ryan, treating Clover with the utmost care, mirrored the affection of a parent for their child, warming Kate’s heart as she observed the burgeoning bond between them from the very beginning.

After allowing Clover a ten-day period to adjust and connect with her human family, she was then introduced to the couple’s existing pets. Among them was Macaroni, a dog who had enjoyed unrivaled attention and was the undisputed king of the house until Clover’s arrival. Despite Macaroni’s initial status, he found himself a companion in Clover, who was the first pet to ever be smaller than him. Over time, this duo developed an endearing and unique friendship, much to the delight of Kate and Ryan.

As the couple pondered what to name their new furry friend, they thought about the serendipitous circumstances of their meeting. They realized how lucky they were to be in the right place at the right time, as they could have stopped anywhere that morning. Deciding that a four-leaf clover, a symbol of good luck, was the perfect symbol for their new kitten, they christened her Clover.

Clover has now become an integral part of Kate and Ryan’s family, filling a void they didn’t even know existed. Her lively personality and the joy she brings to their lives are a constant reminder of the magic that can happen when fate steps in at the most unexpected times.

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