7 Essential Cat Toys To Keep Your Kitty Entertained

Exercise is crucial for your cat’s health and happiness. 25-40% of cats in the United States are overweight. Cats suffer many of the same health problems related to obesity that people do, so maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for extending your cat’s healthy years. Exercise is also critical for maintaining your cat’s happiness. Since most cats won’t walk nicely around the block with a leash on, the best way for them to get exercise indoors is to play with … Read more

3 Reasons You Should Invest In Catnip Toys For Your Kitty

Cat lovers know that it’s imperative to keep our kitties’ minds occupied. Not only does it keep them happily busy and out of trouble, it’s absolutely vital to their mental and physical health. Catnip toys are a great option if you’re looking for something to keep your cat’s body and mind busy, providing multiple levels of entertainment. If your feline enjoys indulging in this plant, here are 3 reasons you should invest in catnip toys! 1. They excite the senses. … Read more

Make Your Cat Happier & Healthier With This Simple Switch In His Mealtime Routine

Most cat moms and dads would do anything to make their feline family members happier. And if there is a cheap, easy way to do this? There’s no question about it! The good news is, you can help your kitty live a happier, healthier life simply by changing her mealtime habits. All you have to do is challenge your cat to work for her food. A photo posted by Sir Isaac Newton (@sir.newton.kitty) on Oct 10, 2016 at 9:41am PDT In … Read more

This Cat “Dances” When Pouncing On His Toys – And It’s Hilarious!

Cats may look serious most of the time. But they can be very silly as well, especially when they’re playing with something. Sometimes, they suddenly do something so hilarious that it makes us laugh out loud! Now this kitty is a goofy one for sure. His name is Oreo, and he loves to play with his toys. Aside from playing, he has another hobby–he loves to dance! When Oreo plays with his toys, he does this strange and funny dance. … Read more