Irish Citizen Rescues Sick Athens Street Kitten, Gives Him A New Life In The Emerald Isle

Having grown up in Ireland, a nation known for its kindness to animals, Laoisen Doyle was shocked by the number of cats on the streets of Athens, Greece. While living there last year, one kitten in particular caught her attention. The pitiful creature was hiding beneath a trash can. Skinny, sickly, and covered in parasites, Doyle knew it could not survive without her help. “He wasn’t moving, and his eyes had fused closed,” she told the Irish Post. “He was … Read more

This Woman Is The Only Glimmer Of Hope To Hundreds Of Local Street Cats

Every summer, Deike Behringer travels from her home in Germany to Estepona in Southern Spain. It is a lovely resort town on the Costa del Sol, but Behringer is not there for the sun and fun. Instead, she volunteers her time and remarkable photography skills to Estepona Cat Rescue, one of few organizations fighting to save the area’s unwanted cats. According to Behringer, Estepona’s cats are seen more as pests than cherished pets. The shelters are extremely primitive and the local … Read more

Beloved Street Cat Is Honored With A Statue Thanks To His Internet Fans

Tombili did not have a human to call his own  – he had thousands! The chubby street cat was cherished by the people of Istanbul, Turkey for his friendly demeanor and signature laid-back posture. Tombili’s local fame became global when a viral photo of him lounging on the sidewalk made him an internet star just months before his death. This week a statue honoring the tomcat and the impact he had on the city was unveiled. It features a very … Read more