Irish Citizen Rescues Sick Athens Street Kitten, Gives Him A New Life In The Emerald Isle

Having grown up in Ireland, a nation known for its kindness to animals, Laoisen Doyle was shocked by the number of cats on the streets of Athens, Greece. While living there last year, one kitten in particular caught her attention. The pitiful creature was hiding beneath a trash can. Skinny, sickly, and covered in parasites, Doyle knew it could not survive without her help. “He wasn’t moving, and his eyes had fused closed,” she told the Irish Post. “He was … Read more

2 Kittens Miraculously Survived Abuse; Thanks To Donations, They’re On The Road To Recovery

Update: According to the Just Giving page for kittens Luke and Skywalker, £17,501.26 — or about $25,569.34–was raised to help in the kittens’ recovery! What a huge help with medical costs! Original Story: Two black and white kittens were found in abhorrent conditions in Victoria Park, East London. A passer-by found the kittens trapped in a soggy cardboard box that was sealed with tape, and brought them to the Celia Hammond Anumal Trust for treatment. They were emaciated, flea-infested, and had endured horrific injuries. … Read more