Petition To Include Pet Food In Food Stamps Gathers Over 90k Signatures

Pet parents consider their companions to be family, so what happens when they fall on hard times, gaining assistance to feed the household – but get no help for their pets? This question was posed in a petition that has gone viral. When Edward B Johnston Jr. encountered a rough patch and enrolled in his local Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), he learned that the food stamps did not include food for his beloved dog. He wrote in the petition: “Unfortunately, … Read more

Popular Petition Plans To Change The Law About Cat Hit And Runs

When Gemma Conway’s cat named Bertie disappeared in Dorset, England, she feared the worst. She searched her neighborhood and posted on social media, but weeks and eventually months went by without her feline friend. She worried Bertie had been hit by a car, and reading about the UK’s 1988 Road Traffic Act made her feel worse. According to the law, motorists in the UK are required to file a police report if they are involved in a traffic accident with … Read more

Woman Hopes To Inspire Change After Losing Her Cat To A Shockingly Common Hazard

A Google search for “cat in dryer” or similar term yields literally millions of results – most of them terrifying and tragic. There are no available statistics on just how many cats are injured or killed in laundry appliances each year, but if the pet loss forums are any indication, the number is quite high. Too high for one UK cat lover. A photo posted by @no_and_lou on Jan 7, 2017 at 3:51pm PST Her gorgeous blue mink Tonkinese cat, Bellona … Read more