From The Vet: 5 Things You Should Know About Your Cat’s Paws

Since you love your cat, you love every part of her, and it’s important that you understand every part of her, t00. Her paws are the foundation that she stands on and there are some valuable things that you should know about them. They play a huge part in helping a cat do his job as a hunter, as well as helping him stay safe and communicate with other cats. 1. Each of the paw’s joints are subject to joint disease.  A … Read more

The REAL Reason Cats Knead Will Warm Your Heart

You have your cat on your lap and he is purring with his paws on your thigh. He is rubbing on you with his motor running and his toes are flexing and extending in a slow repetition. This opening and closing of his toes in a rhythmic way is called kneading. It is very relaxing and makes you feel good. That’s because somehow you know what kneading signifies. But why do cats really do this? This behavior is simpler than … Read more

2 Kittens Miraculously Survived Abuse; Thanks To Donations, They’re On The Road To Recovery

Update: According to the Just Giving page for kittens Luke and Skywalker, £17,501.26 — or about $25,569.34–was raised to help in the kittens’ recovery! What a huge help with medical costs! Original Story: Two black and white kittens were found in abhorrent conditions in Victoria Park, East London. A passer-by found the kittens trapped in a soggy cardboard box that was sealed with tape, and brought them to the Celia Hammond Anumal Trust for treatment. They were emaciated, flea-infested, and had endured horrific injuries. … Read more