What All Cat Parents Should Know Before Giving Or Receiving Flowers

If you’re a cat parent, you may already know that certain plants pose a threat against our beloved felines. Although friends and family members may send us beautiful bouquets out of love, it’s imperative for us to know if these well-intentioned gifts may be poisonous to our purring pals. Our cat’s safety is our number one priority, so gently informing loved ones which flowers are safe — or saying that you’d prefer to get no blooms at all — may … Read more

After Tragedy, Woman Warns Cat Owners About Toxic Plants This Holiday Season

Samara Sodos spoiled her 12-year-old cat Lucy so much that they were featured in a Tampa Bay magazine spread about pampered pets. Unfortunately, 12 years of love given to the kitten she rescued weren’t enough to save Lucy from the hidden danger of a few lilies in a bouquet of flowers Samara’s sister had sent for her birthday the previous week. Now Samara wants to spread the word about the hidden dangers of houseplants and flowers that are commonly found in … Read more

Vets Warn That Mere Contact With These Flowers Can Be Toxic To Cats

As a responsible cat owner, you already know that many of the lovely plants and floral arrangements popular in springtime can cause your kitty to become ill. Veterinarians now warn that keeping bouquets out of reach from curious cat paws may not be enough of a precaution. Certain lilies are so potent in their toxicity that a mere lick of water from the vase or a bit of pollen groomed from their coat can lead to convulsions, kidney failure – … Read more