Why Is My Cat Over-Grooming Herself?

Does your cat seem to spend more than half of her waking hours grooming herself? She may not resort to so much grooming when you’re around, though. Maybe you’ve noticed that she’s developing bald spots. These are signs that she may be over-grooming. Cats spend 30-50% of their life grooming themselves, but more than that may be problematic. What are some of the reasons that cats take up this behavior? Is it dangerous? Does it require a trip to the … Read more

This Cat’s Quirky Habit Helped Him Find His Forever Home

One of the special things about cats is that every single one of them is unique, and the silly kitty in this story is no exception! Sigmund was 3 years old when he found himself in the Cat Haven WA shelter in Shenton Park, Western Australia. But despite being homeless, this spirited cat wasn’t afraid to show his true colors soon after being taken into their care. Lovingly described as a “nutter” on the shelter’s Facebook page, Sigmund’s caretakers noticed … Read more

Are Cat Licks Really “Kitty Kisses” ?

When you are holding your cat, does she sometimes lick you? She is probably purring and rubbing on you at the same time.  We instinctively know that these behaviors are a good thing and indicate positive feelings, but have you even really wondered why? We cannot ask our cats (well we can..but they won’t answer) so we must turn to science for our answers. Many social animals have a behavioral repertoire of interactions, but cats have not typically been thought to be particularly social. However, … Read more

This Brush Lets You “Lick” Your Cat–No Hairballs Necessary

Coming soon to a store near you: the Licki Brush. Actually, it’s a Kickstarter about to launch. But who knows where it could go from there… Yes, this brush helps you bond with your cat the way they bond with each other: through licks. Although with this handy (tongue-y?) little gadget, you won’t have to deal with the unpleasant aftermath of coughing up hairballs. Watch the Licki Brush in action: It’s hard to tell if this product was created purely … Read more