Not Your Average Kitty Litter–PrettyLitter Is Saving Feline Lives

The litter box in your house might have a bad reputation, but a new name in kitty litter is changing everything pet parents know about how to keep cats healthy. PrettyLitter is the official litter sponsor of iHeartcats, and their revolutionary kitty litter is not only affecting how people view litter boxes, it’s also saving lives and keeping families together.  Let’s face it, you love your cat, but you don’t love the daily task of cleaning out the litter box. … Read more

Major City Takes A Stand Against Declawing Cats

For the first time outside California, a city has come together to recognize the harmful effects of declawing cats. City officials in Denver voted on Nov. 13 to approve a bill to ban declawing cats, and the new law is already in effect. Animal advocates throughout the city and the rest of the country are congratulating Denver for taking a step in the right direction. Declawing, also called onychectomy, does more than remove the potentially pointy parts of a cat’s … Read more