From The Vet: 3 Ways To Tell If Your Cat Is Eating Too Much

A cat needs to eat only enough to maintain her daily energy loss and no excess body fat. If your cat is overweight, she is eating too much. We know that obesity shortens lives and impacts overall health, and this is true for cats, too. Overweight cats are at increased risk for obesity-related diseases, like diabetes and hepatic lipidosis. (Those sound scary, don’t they? They can be!) The trouble is, when you see your cat every day, it is hard … Read more

Lost Cat Found After Living In Pet Food Warehouse & He’s 2X His Size

Clive is a Norwegian Forest Cat who was recently reunited with his family after he left home over a year ago in October 2014. When posters and social media posts regarding the missing kitty brought no answers, Clive’s owners thought they’d never see their nine-month-old kitten again…until they received a phone call on February 2nd, 2016, that he had been found. Although it’s no surprise that the kitten would grow during that time, owners Tanya and Jonathan Irons–along with two-year-old daughter Elizabeth–didn’t expect him to double in size! … Read more