Pet Sitter Coming? Make Sure You Have These 8 Items For Him Beforehand!

Leaving our pets with a pet sitter – even a trusted friend, relative or qualified professional – is an extremely stressful experience. In fact, many cat parents choose not to travel at all in order to avoid the anxiety. Don’t give up your vacation days or spend the entire week on the couch with your cat! Set your pet sitter up for success with just a bit of pre-planning and these eight health and safety items. 1. Pet Emergency Information … Read more

5 Things To Do If Your Indoor Cat Gets Lost Outside

Even if your cat is perfectly happy with a life inside, an open door or cracked window can be too tempting to resist. They’ll dash outside before you can stop them, but don’t let this nightmare scenario push you to the point of panic. Bringing your cat safely home is all about staying calm and thinking clearly. Finding a lost indoor cat isn’t like looking for a missing person or even searching for a dog, but there are several things … Read more

Vets Warn That Mere Contact With These Flowers Can Be Toxic To Cats

As a responsible cat owner, you already know that many of the lovely plants and floral arrangements popular in springtime can cause your kitty to become ill. Veterinarians now warn that keeping bouquets out of reach from curious cat paws may not be enough of a precaution. Certain lilies are so potent in their toxicity that a mere lick of water from the vase or a bit of pollen groomed from their coat can lead to convulsions, kidney failure – … Read more

10 Tips For Saving Your Christmas Tree From A Cat-astrophe

Things cats love: plants, sparkly things, dangly things, ribbon-like items, shiny lights… It’s no wonder that Christmas trees the world over find themselves on the receiving end of four-pawed feline attacks each year. Although we can’t guarantee that these tips will deter the precocious, wild-eyed predator that lies within your house cat, hopefully they will at least help you minimize damage and keep your kitty safe from harm. 1. Wait 24 hours between setting up your tree and decorating it. … Read more

6 Reasons Your Cat Nibbles On Plants

If you have accessible plants in your home, chances are good that your cat has tried to eat them. This may seem like a strange habit for a cat, who is an obligate carnivore by nature, but it’s actually very common and can be safe if you take appropriate precautions. Here are 6 reasons your cat likes to nibble on plants. See the end of this article for resources that’ll help you decide which plants are safe for your cat … Read more

5 Amazing Ways Cats Stay Cool In The Hot Summer

Summer is coming, and many of us have already broken out the tank tops and sunscreen. It’s easy to look at your cat’s luxuriously thick coat and think she must be miserable in the heat. After all, you’d be practically dying if you were wearing a coat in this weather! Luckily, your cat does a very good job at regulating her body temperature and her fur coat plays a big role. Here are 5 important ways your cat stays cool … Read more

8 Household Items That Could Be Dangerous To Your Cat

Our cats are our best friends and we always want them to be happy, healthy, and safe, especially in our homes. You may be surprised to find out that your home may be filled with things that are putting your cat at risk. Learning how to see your home from your cat’s perspective will help you understand how to create a safer environment for your cat. Here are 8 common household dangers and some steps you can take towards safety. … Read more