While Most Shelters Euthanize FeLV+ Cats, This One Does Things Differently

The incredible rescuers at Austin Pets Alive! have set their sights on a subset of cats often overlooked by adopters and needlessly euthanized in American shelters. Their mission has spared hundreds of cats with feline leukemia from certain death. It has also inspired a research partnership with the University of Florida. They hope to find a cure for the virus by studying the large population of FeLV positive cats awaiting their forever homes at the Austin non-profit.   Shelters across … Read more

Proof That Cats Like Humans Even More Than Food

Feline affections may be a bit more subtle and hard-won than those of our canine companions, but that just makes it all the more rewarding when they choose to share them with us. Now, scientists have finally taken a step toward proving what cat lovers have known all along – kitties really do like us! In fact, they like us so much, that in a recent study, they chose human contact over food! A post shared by Pretty Cute Animals … Read more

Video Footage Of Rare Wildcat Gives Conservationists Hope For The Species

Deep in the mountains of Central Asia lives a rare and elusive wild feline called the Pallas’ Cat. They are currently listed as “near threatened” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), but recent evidence has given scientists cause for hope. On August 31, the Pallas’ Cat International Conservation Alliance announced that footage of a full-grown cat as well as a litter of cubs had been captured in the Zoolon Mountains of Mongolia. Remote sensor cameras recorded the … Read more

Tabby Cats, Cheetahs & Zebras Have Something Very Special In Common

Thanks to some feral cats in Northern California, scientists now know that the same gene responsible for giving tabby cats their wide array of bands and blotches is also responsible for a zebra’s stripes and a cheetah’s spots. A study conducted by Stanford University uncovered DNA evidence unlocking the complicated genetic mystery of how mammals get their beautiful coat patterns. A photo posted by @lrbrown06 on Jul 27, 2016 at 5:53am PDT Several genes are required to create a cat’s – … Read more

Here’s What Your Cat Is Trying To Tell You

When dog people argue the benefits of having a canine instead of a feline, certain points inevitably come up in the conversation: “Dogs are so loving and expressive” “Cats are too independent and standoffish” “You can never tell what a cat is thinking”…and so on. It turns out these arguments aren’t as effective as pup parents may think. Animal behaviorists believe that cats are just as communicative with their humans as dogs – we simply don’t know how to interpret … Read more

You Cat’s Coat Color May Be Linked To His Personality

If you have been around enough cats, you may have started to notice that cats of certain colors act the same way. Many people see calicos as more stand-offish or feisty than the typical grey tabby, for example. But is there any basis for this, or is just coincidence? Science says there may indeed be a connection between your cat’s coat color and her personality. A University of California Davis veterinarian research team conducted a study to see if a cat’s … Read more