New City Law Makes Microchipping Mandatory & Puts Limits On Breeding

Pet parents in Dallas, Texas are about to see a change in what’s considered to be responsible pet ownership. The Dallas City Council voted on Wednesday to pass a law ordering mandatory microchips for dogs and cats and limited breeding. A department of Dallas Animal Services will enforce the new laws to ensure that pet owners comply. The change is brought on in hopes of reducing the number of stray animals roaming city streets and to relieve pressure from overfilled shelters. Neighborhood … Read more

10 Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

When people say they are allergic to cats, what they are actually allergic to is cat dander, not fur. The allergens that affect humans are produced from the cat’s saliva and skin oils, which are then carried throughout the home by the shed fur. While no cat has the ability to be 100% nonallergenic, there are certain cats that are known to be hypoallergenic. Here is a list of cat breeds that are known for their awesome hypoallergenic qualities:   1. Balinese … Read more