Sweet Siberian Husky Goes Above & Beyond To Save Baby Kitten

| Published on August 25, 2015

Rosie was found homeless and alone at just 3 weeks old. Although a loving foster family took her in, she was in such poor shape that they doubted she would survive. Feeling that palliative care was the only thing they could offer, they let Rosie snuggle with their Siberian Husky, Lilo. The family knew Lilo was loving and affectionate, but they never thought she’d go above and beyond as a true foster mom. She cuddled Rosie, let her nurse and even licked her clean when she went to the bathroom. They were surprised by Lilo’s loving care because she has never had puppies of her own and Huskies typically have a very high prey drive. Even more, Lilo seemed to nurse Rosie back to life! Within a week, the two had bonded closely and Rosie was already starting to walk.

This story is so amazing and we are thrilled to know that Rosie has taken a turn for the better. Lilo certainly deserves recognition for her hard work and loving care; without her Rosie might not still be with us. We’re definitely looking forward to see how these two progress! You can see more videos of Lilo at her very own YouTube channel.