Sweet Kitten Loves Having Her Nose Tickled


“Hihihi! Oh mom, don’t stop, don’t stop, I love it! Oh! Oh! You’re tickling me, hmmm mmmm..purrrr..purr..purrrrr!!” If Ollie could speak English, that’ll be what he’ll be saying to his human mommy. Just look at that look of rapture and contentment on his face and that purring – smoooth!

I love it when cats respond like this – so sweet and lovable! But then again, having someone tickle your nose can only mean one thing; you’re precious and special to them. You are loved! I used to enjoy it so much every time my mom tickled my nose when I was a little girl. I really felt cherished and I’m sure that’s how Ollie felt too. This simple act tells me, I’m worth a lot to that person! 🙂

Special moments like this sticks to our memory and can never be erased cos it’s an act of love. Something truly special! Share this with other cat lovers, better yet, tickle their noses too! ^_^

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