Stray Mama Cat Has So Much Love To Give, She Takes In An Extra Litter Of Kittens!

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on October 27, 2015

For anyone who has a child, you never know how big your heart can become until you are a parent. My heart breaks for children that aren’t so fortunate, and a mother cat is no different–even despite her bleak circumstances. When a good mother knows that a baby needs love, they do what they can to let that poor child feel special. And a mother’s love is something that can never be broken.

When a feral cat started showing up around a pet supply shop, the shop workers noticed that she looked to be a nursing mother, giving her plump physical appearance. Then when they followed her they found a very big surprise! Not only was this mama caring for own babies, but mysteriously somehow she’d taken in another litter to call her own.

Watch all the brothers and sisters getting along together just fine:

No one will ever know how this mama cat came to be with another set of kittens, but one thing is for sure from the video, she has no problems sharing her love with all of her babies.

Mother cats continue to amaze me with their incredible abilities to care for their young. And regardless of what happened to the other litter of kittens’ mama, they are doing just fine where they are now. Share this sweet story with your friends who love cats, just like you!