Former Stray Meows At Door, Asks His Homeless Girlfriend To Move In

| Published on April 19, 2024

Cats indeed have remarkable survival instincts, but they ideally should not have to depend solely on these for their well-being. Amidst the distressing reality of numerous homeless animals, compassionate actions by individuals play a crucial role in offering these creatures a better life. An example of such kindness unfolded when Madeline encountered a tiny stray cat at her doorstep.

This curious little stray peered inside Madeline’s home, sparking a moment of connection. Madeline, moved by the sight of the cat, gently tried to coax it inside, hoping to provide shelter and perhaps a permanent home. However, the independent wanderer wasn’t ready to settle down and chose to leave instead. This brief interaction, while not resulting in adoption, highlights the ongoing challenge faced by many homeless animals and the importance of continued efforts by individuals to reach out and provide care, even if the animals sometimes aren’t ready to accept it immediately.

Soon after, a fluffy Orange Tabby showed up as well. They must be a bonded pair! The Tabby was way more trusting. Madeline opened the door, held out some food, and the cat, whom she named Peach, came inside. This became a ritual. But after the cat ate, he’d leave once again. Madeline continued to look for the other stray she named Pumpkin. Pumpkin showed up now and again but would then slink off.

Peach came home one day with a terrible wound on his head. After the ordeal, he didn’t want to put his life in jeopardy and return to the ‘wild.’ He remained indoors with Madeline. Now that Peach was living inside the house, he missed Pumpkin dearly. The clever boy devised a plan to reunite them.

Does it all work out in the end? See for yourself in the video below. Aren’t cats the best?

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