“Ugly” Special Needs Stray Has a Family Who Thinks She Is Beautiful

| Published on March 12, 2024

Lori Farris, a 50-year-old special needs educator, had an unexpected encounter as she was leaving work one day. She noticed a kitten in distress: dirty, flea-infested, and suffering from a bloody nose. When the kitten followed her to her car, Farris felt compelled to help. Unbeknownst to her, this decision was about to significantly change her life.

Farris took the kitten home to clean her up and care for her. A few days later, she visited the vet and discovered that the kitten was a 5-week-old female. The vet’s examination revealed not only the fleas but also eye infections and intestinal parasites plaguing the tiny feline.

Other than that, the kitten appeared healthy. Luckily, all her issues healed over time as well. However, her face and mouth appeared different than typical cat. While cats cannot have Down’s Syndrome, the vet explained she had a condition similar to Down’s Syndrome for cats, but not exactly the same. It could possibly just be a facial deformity.

Sadly, the vet told Farris that the kitten would likely be put down at a shelter due to her unusual appearance. Farris was very much an animal lover, so she knew that she couldn’t let this happen. She wanted to give this kitten the best life possible, so she brought her home with her.

Farris decided to name the kitten Willow. Willow quickly adjusted to her new life with Farris. She even bonded Farris’s dog, Ella the Boxer. Farris says that the two have been inseparable ever since Willow joined the family. Willow and Ella often play together and even snuggle together.

Willow is now about two years old, and she is completely happy and healthy. She now even has her own Instagram with over 136,000 followers. Many of her photos include her wearing flowers on her head or a cute hat. Also, despite her unusual appearance, each one of Willow’s photos are adorable.

“I’m okay with people saying she’s weird-looking because she is, but I don’t like when people call her ugly, retarded, or gross,” Farris said.

She might not look like your typical cat, but Willow is definitely beautiful in her own way. She is lucky to have such a loving family that accepts her for who she is along with many supportive followers. Willow proves that animals are so much more than just their appearance.


Featured Image: @WillowtheBeatuifulCat/Instagram
H/T: pretty52.com