Stray Cat ‘Taken-Into-Custody’ By Police Force Honors Them With Her Babies

| Published on March 5, 2024

A homeless cat approached a police station, seeking assistance for her newborn kittens, who had tragically become lifeless following a collision near the road. The law enforcement officers responded with compassion, ensuring the kittens received a respectful burial. While the mother cat grieved her loss, she was visibly touched by the gesture of kindness from the officers.

Busan Police/Facebook

After the incident, the mama cat disappeared and didn’t come back for several months. When she showed up, the officers were thrilled to see her after the separation. They quickly noticed that the kitty was pregnant. Again! The kind officers took good care of Mama, and when it was time for her to give birth, they stood by, eager to help.

Mama cat gave birth to four beautiful kittens. The officers planned on caring for them until they found forever homes, but the cat family had other plans. They desperately wanted to stay at the station. The kittens and their mom are now official police employees and have their own uniforms! How cute is that?! To see the kittens all dressed up, click play the video below.

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Feature image courtesy of Busan Police/Facebook