Stealthy Ninja Cat Is Up To Something! What She Did At 0:12 Caught Us By Surprise!


Cats are the masters when it comes to stealth attacks. Their limbs are nimble they can jump out of nowhere, you won’t even see them coming! You won’t hear them coming either, cos their footsteps are light as a feather–making no sound at all.

So when this stealthy ninja cat was on the move, the humans didn’t suspect a thing. She came in like a spy, or shall I say a hunter. Nobody knew what she was up to. But what she does next caught everyone by surprise! Watch the video below and see what this ninja cat is gonna do at 0:12!

Wow! That was some surprise attack! That poor guy must have wronged that ninja kitty in the past!

Has your cat ever done something like this? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!

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