Special Litter Of Polydactyl Kittens Are In Search Of Their Forever Homes

| Published on September 16, 2016

With so many animals entering animal shelters every year, it can be difficult to find homes for them all. In fact, it’s even tough to stand out in the crowded buildings and kennel areas. Unfortunately, many pets await their forever homes far too long in a concrete or metal kennel. While most people looking for unique or purebred animals don’t go into the shelter, we advise that they take the time to take a look! After all, a recent litter of kittens in the Greater Los Angeles area has become available.

What makes these kittens so special? Well, a number of things! First, they all have extra digits on each of their feet. This is a trait called polydactylism. Polydactyl cats are also called “Hemingway” cats because of author Ernst Hemingway’s interest in extra digits. But what’s more is that these adorable little felines have another trait unique to some expensive purebred cats. Their ears curl backwards, a standard trait in the American Curl cat breed, which originated in the Los Angeles area in the 1980s. These purebred cats often go for a notable price, but these adorable kittens are available for just the regular adoption fee.

While the kittens are special, we can’t forget about their mother either. She has “normal” cat ears but does sport extra toes on her feet like her babies. She is available for adoption as well and is just as deserving of a loving forever home. All of them are in foster care and ready to be taken to a permanent home, and you can find more information on them at spcaLA.