Menacing Kitten Hated Woman’s Guts, Influenced His Siblings To Hate Her Too

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on July 12, 2023

Emilie is a kitten whisperer. She was called in to help a kitten who was too “spicy” to handle. His littermates took to Emilie right away, but Sourdough was a whole other story! He isolated himself, uncomfortable with his siblings’ attention as well as any human who came near him.

Sourdough was put in a separate cage. Emilie hoped he would be more comfortable on his own and she could work with him without the distraction. But once he calmed down, she reintroduced him to his mates, hoping he changed his tune. But then his siblings hissed at Emilie too! It seemed Sourdough’s personality was contagious. As she puts it, Sourdough seemed to be whispering to them that “this lady sucks.”

The other kittens went to a foster home, but Sourdough stayed with Emilie. The little guy had a lot to work on, and it wasn’t going to be easy! She called her training technique a “socialization boot camp.” She figured out one thing that helped Sourdough, but was it enough to change his ‘spicy’ ways? Watch the video to find out!

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