Smart Kitty No Longer Needs His Human To Drink Water

| Published on June 30, 2015

Mick is a pretty spectacular cat. Not only does he only have one eye that gives him an adorable, silly expression, he’s got some surprising brainpower behind that cute face. While some cats absolutely hate water, Mick here doesn’t mind getting a little wet. When he’s thirsty, he likes something a little more challenging than a bowl of stagnant water, so he takes things into his own hands – or paws, if you will. Watch here as we discover how smart this little kitty is and realize that he doesn’t need humans to get him something to drink any longer! We were certainly just as impressed as we were surprised by Mick’s skills!

Fortunately Mick doesn’t mind getting wet so much, otherwise he would have been in for a rude awakening while trying to quench his thirst. You can check out more great Mick videos at treekraljev’s YouTube channel.