Guy Yanks Unprofitable Kitten From Breeder’s Hands

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on March 8, 2024

Some breeders use irresponsible methods to produce kittens they can profit off of. Because they use the animals they already own, genetic mutation is a common side effect. This cute kitten, named Skywalker, was one of the many animals rejected by a breeder because he couldn’t make him money. Skywalker was born innocent and pure. But because he was seen as a source of income, he was unwanted. The breeder decided to part with Skywalker due to his unusually large paws. Born with a genetic disorder, called polydactyly, the kitten’s paws were too big for the breed’s standards. Sadly, his owner brought him to a vet clinic, asking for him to be euthanized.

Fortunately, a compassionate man at the clinic couldn’t bear to end Skywalker’s life. He took the kitten home, introducing him to his Golden Retriever, Mojito. Quickly, they bonded, spending most of their time together. Golden Retrievers are known for their caring and gentle nature, often serving as therapy dogs and service animals. Skywalker found a friend and a mother in Mojito who cared for him and played with him.

Mojito, feeling protective, rarely let Skywalker out of her sight, protecting him from any potential danger. Their companionship brought them immense happiness. Mojito’s loving temperament perfectly suited Skywalker, and their bond only grew stronger over time.

As Skywalker matured into an adult cat, their friendship remained steadfast. He adored his dog mom, cherishing her affection. Seven months passed since they met, yet their bond remained unbreakable. Thanks to the man who saved Skywalker from euthanasia, he found a loving dad and best friend who filled the void left by his callous owner.

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