Shy Kitten Hides Under Blanket, Loving Couple Offers A Hug And A Family was Born

| Published on March 1, 2024

Not so long ago, animal rescue workers performed a trap-neuter-release operation (TNR) in Burlington, North Carolina to help out the local wild cats. Amelia, a tuxedo kitten, was one of their discoveries. When they found her, the scared stray was alone and hungry. But she soon found comfort in the arms of Sparkle Cat Rescue.

Hidden beneath her blanket, a scared kitten tried to disappear from an overwhelming situation, but destiny had other plans.


Credit: Sparkle Cat Rescue

Sparkle Cat Rescue placed the kitty with Rowan, a volunteer foster, and as soon as she snuggled Amelia, the shy kitten learned joy in the comfort of her new surroundings.

“She’s a very thoughtful kitten who loves to cuddle and converse,” according to Rowan. “She loves to be right next to her person for hugs and makes an excellent nap time neck warmer.” 

Credit: Sparkle Cat Rescue

Soon after her placement, Amelia blossomed into a playful kitten ready for her forever home. She was part of an adoption event, but all the noise and commotion were too much for a tiny kitten with shy tendencies. The back of her kennel served as a refuge, her trusty blanket helping her to hide. 

Brittany, a Sparkle Cat Rescue volunteer, said, “All of the other kitties were vocal and playful and she just hid in the back.” 

Credit: Sparkle Cat Rescue

Staff and animal-loving volunteers were concerned about Amelia and Brittany told Love Meow, “We discussed getting a small box for her to get in, so she would feel more comfortable and safer.” 

But Destiny Stepped In

A couple with hopes of adopting a cat at the event stopped in front of Amelia’s kennel. The nervous kitty couldn’t be seen, but looking deeper, they discovered the cute tuxedo kitten shrinking behind the blanket with her ears flat. The kitty darling had slipped right back into her shy ways.  

Still, the couple was compelled to meet her. Once coaxed from the cage, Amelia calmed right down. She crawled up to her new mom’s neck and nestled in, knowing she had found her family. The couple knew she was the one too. 

Credit: Sparkle Cat Rescue

Witness to the family coming together, Brittany remarked, “Amelia is so happy and so in love with her humans. She completely picked them.”

Amelia settled right in at her new home. She’s grown into a kitten whose only worry is over what toy to play with next. Hugs and cuddles come on the regular and Amelia is quite happy with her comfy life.

From wild kitten to indulged lap cat, Amelia and her forever family found each other thanks to the magic of animal rescue professionals and volunteers.