Shelter Brings Senior Cats To Visit Seniors At Nursing Homes & It’s A Win-Win!

The Ohio AlleyCat Resource Center in Cincinnati came up with a creative solution to bring companionship to both their senior cat residents as well as elderly cat-lovers at local nursing homes.

The program is called Pet Adoptions for Loving Seniors, otherwise known as PALS.

“In the last year, our PALS program has gone to several area retirement communities with our cats,” shelter volunteer Jordan Umerley told Bored Panda. “We take older cats (7 years +). Many residents cannot have pets now, so the chance to cuddle a chilled out kitty is great for them. We also invite the residents to come and visit our shelter. It really is fun and a good chance to get the cats socialized.”

As the elderly folks get an immense amount of joy from visiting with their furry friends, the cats also get a healthy dose of the love and affection that they crave. And sometimes, the kitties are even able to find their forever homes!

“Most senior cats just want to eat, sleep, be cuddled and loved. Having them visit retirement and nursing home communities is a great way for the cats to socialize outside of the shelter and bring joy to the seniors,” Umerley explained in the story.

As any cat-lover knows, having felines around is incredibly therapeutic. “The seniors love telling stories about their past pets, and ask us to take pictures of them with the cats to send to their children and grandchildren,” said Umerley to Bored Panda.

It’s a win-win for everyone! We love this idea and think more shelters should develop PALS programs of their own!

(h/t: Bored Panda)

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