Shelter Appeals To Visitors By Making A Carnival-Themed Cat Room

Written by: Adri Sandoval
Adri Sandoval is the Special Projects Manager for iHeartDogs and iHeartCats. Her work has deepened her love for animals, fostering a strong passion for rescue and animal advocacy.Read more
| Published on September 17, 2016

The Brevard South Animal Care Center (SACC) knows that in order to get cats adopted, they need to get people to visit. That’s why they teamed up with Square Paws, a cat furniture company, to turn their second cat room into a feline fantasyland!

You may recall seeing the Harbor Room, the shelter’s first cat room to get a fun makeover. But the SACC and Square Paws’ newest project involved decking out one of the rooms to look like a cat carnival. While it’s smaller than the Harbor Room, it leaves a big impression; it’s an important way to draw in visitors because it’s the first room that they see when they enter the shelter.

Image Source: Square Paws

Image Source: Square Paws

Get a sneak peak into the new Kitty Carnival room!

The Kitty Carnival is made up of three main attractions: Ferals’ Ferris Wheel, the Big Cat Fun House, and the Whac-a-MOUSE game.

For starters, these carnival attractions were specifically build for those of a certain height–cats only! 

Image Source: Square Paws

Ferals’ Ferris Wheel has 11 perches.

Image Source: Square Paws

They are fixed in place for optimal lounging.

Image Source: Square Paws

And the center includes a hollow fleece tube for superior sprawling. 

Image Source: Square Paws



The Big Cat Fun House also provides lots of nooks for hangin’ out. 

Image Source: Square Paws

The head of a lioness may look fierce, but it’s purrfectly feline-friendly. 

Image Source: Square Paws

Whac-a-MOUSE is a spin on the classic Whac-a-Mole arcade game.

Image Source: Square Paws

Here, visitors can interact with playful kitties by making the mice pop in and out of their hiding places. (Watch the video below.)

Image Source: Square Paws

And now, for a 360 degree view:

They’ve sure packed a lot of feline fun into a small room! How cool is this?! The decor provides a bright, cheery atmosphere for workers, volunteers, visitors, and of course, the cats! Do you think a fun, themed room like this would help pet adoptions at your local shelter?

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