After Being Dumped At A Shelter Twice, Senior Cat With The Cutest Purr Gets A Forever Home

| Published on March 12, 2024

Although it breaks our hearts, not all cats have a loving home from the start. Some are forced to live on the streets, others are dumped at shelters, and some like Tribble are surrendered again after being adopted out. And oftentimes, it’s nothing that the cat did to deserve such treatment. When Tribble (you’ll see why he’s named that in just a moment) was first taken to the shelter, it was because his owner had passed away. When he was adopted, he went to a home with small children who did not treat him kindly.


One day Tribble had all of the harassment he could take and when he defended himself, the mother of the children dropped him off at the shelter again. Poor Tribble was all alone with no one to give him the loving home he so desperately wanted–where he could share his sweet chirpy meow with his human.

tribble gif

Then at 7 years old, a miracle happened for this sweet cat with a meow that sounds like a chirping bird. Someone decided that it was him out of all the other cats at the shelter that needed a loving home where he’d never have to worry again about being cast aside or mistreated. Despite having had a rough life, Tribble was the sweetest cat at the shelter, a favorite among all faculty, and even worked as the ‘test cat’ to make new animals at the shelter feel at ease. This cat had a heart of gold, and wouldn’t let his misfortunes in life get in the way of spreading his joy.


This just goes to show you that a cat just wants to be loved, and that older cats deserve a fair chance just like kittens and younger cats at the shelter. We are so grateful to Tribble’s new owners for granting him the opportunity to live out the rest of his days in pure bliss. Share this heartwarming story with your friends:)