Sleeping Kitten In Helmet Motivates Soldier To Bring Him To The States

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on May 1, 2024

Every cat enthusiast knows the joy of being chosen by a cat. This exact joy befell Justin, a courageous US soldier from El Paso, Texas, during his deployment overseas. One day, a small black kitten found comfort in Justin’s helmet and decided to take a nap inside of it. Justin met the kitten a few weeks prior when the little guy followed the soldier back to the barracks. They formed a bond straight away, marking the beginning of a remarkable friendship. Justin named the kitten Salem, who quickly became known for his playful and affectionate nature.

Salem cherished being near Justin, often curling up in his lap after a long day to fall asleep while purring contentedly. Justin found in Salem a comforting piece of home, a friend who provided solace like family. Their love grew strong and deep, filled with mutual affection and companionship.

As Justin’s deployment neared its end, with just six weeks remaining, he faced the heart-wrenching prospect of leaving Salem behind. Determined to keep Salem by his side, Justin began organizing the necessary veterinary checks and reached out to local rescue groups to facilitate Salem’s relocation to the United States.

After overcoming the challenges posed by Romania’s stray animal crisis, Justin managed to secure Salem’s passage to Texas. Months later, Salem finally set his paws on American soil, where he was warmly welcomed by Justin’s family and a new feline friend, Cheddar.

In his forever home, Salem’s relationship with Justin continued to flourish, bringing warmth and joy to their household. Now, Salem spends his days playing and exploring his new domain and reuniting with Justin, whose love and commitment transformed both their lives.

Thanks to Justin and animal rescuer Oana Sava, the two celebrate each day together. We are over the moon for the pair! Here’s to happy days forever, Salem.

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Feature image courtesy of Oana Sava/Facebook