Baby Otter Has To Hug Her Kitten Each Night So She Can Fall Asleep

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on July 10, 2023

An otter named Sakura is head over paws for her best friend, a cat named Mochi. The beautiful ginger tabby welcomes Sakura’s snuggles as if it’s second nature. The pair have reached viral status, for good reason! With over 12 million views, the video has amassed quite the following!

In the video below, Sakura can be seen letting out a yawn as she wraps herself around Mochi. The sweet, loving cat with her soft fur is the perfect pillow. The warmth of Sakura’s body brings comfort to the cat so she too feels safe as they both drift off to sleep. The duo’s ritual brings both animals so much joy.

Sakura and Mochi have developed a deep bond, despite their unlikely friendship. Their trust and love for one another continue to amaze people across the globe. Once you watch the video, you will understand why! These snuggle bugs are paw-fect!

To witness the extreme cuteness for yourself, check out the video below. But be prepared– their unwavering love may make your heart explode!

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