Hissing Feral Cat ‘Turns To Mush’ For Woman Who Brought Him Inside

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on February 20, 2024

When a woman noticed a ‘massive raccoon-looking’ cat with numerous injuries, she knew she had to help. She and her partner managed to get the wounded feline into a carrier and took him to a local vet clinic. The poor cat was in bad shape – he had been in so many fights that his big fangs were broken, rendering him unable to defend himself. The couple, who had experience with cats, decided to give the injured creature a chance at a better life. They shared his story with a local cat charity to see if anyone had lost a similar cat, but when no one claimed him, they knew they had to step up and provide him with a loving home.

They set up a small space in their garage to help the cat, they named Ricky. They believed his new space would help him adapt to living indoors. At first, Ricky was quite aggressive and would hiss and spit at them. However, as the days went by, the couple noticed gradual improvements in his behavior. Ricky was ravenous in the first few weeks, devouring his food at an alarming rate. But soon, he began to purr and show signs of affection towards his new caregivers.

As Ricky became more comfortable, he started to explore the rest of the house. The couple fondly remembers the first time he ventured onto their carpet – he rolled around joyfully, clearly enjoying the newfound comfort. About six weeks after they took him in, they brought Ricky back to the vet, who was amazed at the progress he had made. Since then, Ricky has been a beloved indoor cat, playful and affectionate with his new family.

It’s heartwarming to see how Ricky has transformed from a defensive, frightened animal to one who follows his owners everywhere, seeking their company. He loves playing with toys and has even claimed a specific chair as his own. Although he ‘doesn’t particularly enjoy being picked up, he does appreciate a good belly rub.’

The couple wonders if Ricky was abandoned by a previous owner and had to learn to fend for himself, leading to his feral behavior. They’ll likely never know for sure, but they’re grateful for the special bond they’ve formed with Ricky. The fact that he doesn’t seem to want to go back outside is a testament to the once-feral cat’s happiness.

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