Rescue Tabby Carries On 80+ Year Tradition Of Being This Hotel’s Resident Cat

The staff at the Algonquin Hotel in New York have a special tradition: since the 1930’s, they’ve always had a resident cat living in the hotel!

The first feline to call the place home was a stray orange tabby who let himself into the lobby. Though originally named Rusty, actor John Barrymore, who stayed the hotel, decided to bestow the dignified name of Hamlet on the kitty, instead!

Since then, all the male cats who’ve lived in the hotel have been named Hamlet, and all the females are called Matilda because… well, no one is sure why!

Watch a video on the 80+ year tradition below:

The Hamlet that guests can meet today is the 11th rescue cat to be adopted by the staff at the Algonquin Hotel. Once living in a feral cat colony, this friendly orange tabby — who has a “complete hotel staff at his beck and call” — is certainly living the good life!

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