Rescue Kitten With A Missing Eye Covers His Scar With An Adorable Eye Patch


“Scar” is a big name for a tiny kitten, but the little tuxedo baby has certainly earned it after all he’s been through!

When Savannah Anas‘ best friend found the sickly kitten with an infected eye, she knew she had to do something. Thankfully, she enlisted the help of her feline-loving pal, who ended up adopting the tiny kitty. That’s how Anas, a shark biologist, became a cat mom.

Note: the successive photos in this album may be disturbing for some viewers. 

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Anas posted on Instagram from the perspective of Scar: “I was 2 weeks old with a massive fatal eye infection.”

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“With the help of a friend I went into surgery the next day to have my eye removed. This was a high risk surgery because I was so small the doctor was unable to hook me up to the monitors during the procedure. However, the doc did an amazing job and I being the little fighter I am miraculously pulled through!”

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“Now I have one eye, an amazing adventurous life, and a killer handmade eyepatch!” the caption concludes.

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Scar is now a month old. He’s currently enjoying life with his human, being close to the water, and donning his well-deserved, tough-guy name… as well as his pirate-worthy patch!

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As you can see, he has become quite the explorer:

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We’re so glad this adorable survivor got the second chance that he deserves – as well as a cool new accessory!

Follow Scar on Instagram @cat_with_the_eyepatch.

Written by Karen Tietjen
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