Rescue Cat Born Without A Nose Bridge Loves Receiving Affection From His Human

Written by: Kat Keeter
| Published on October 21, 2015

Meet Monty, the cat who was born without a nose bridge. This kitty was forced to be put up for adoption because his owner already had too many cats. Luckily, he met Mikala and Michael who took him in and provides Monty with the care he needs. In his new home, Monty will have new siblings, Mikkel the three-legged cat and Malle the gentle giant, that are helping to make him feel more comfortable playing in his new house. Now that he is living with his new family, he will get the special care and pampering that his siblings already receive.

While at the shelter, Monty shared a room with other cats who showed aggression and would lash out at him, but he always remained calm and would never fight back. His calm demeanor, big heart and physical appearance definitely make him an adorable and unique kitty! I’m so glad he found a home that he can share his wonderful purrsonality and love with!

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