Kitten With Bear Ears And Crooked Legs Celebrates Family That’s Kind To Her

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on August 16, 2023

A kitten with crooked paws was surrendered to Friends For Life Rescue Network. Her tiny paws were deformed due to damaged ligaments and tendons. She walked ‘funny’ but was otherwise healthy. Volunteers, Mel and Zane, offered to foster the little kitty, now named Quill.

Quill frequented the vet clinic, where she underwent extensive physical therapy. She was eventually fitted for splints which improved her mobility. The brave kitten never let anything get her down. She had no idea she was ‘different,’ and neither did her foster brother, Chester. Chester welcomed Quill with open paws.

The precious kitten thrives on snuggles and affection from the entire family. Even when she’s chowing down on her food, she meows for Mel and Zane’s attention. She also loves being held by her brother.

Mel and Zane realized that Chester and Quill belonged together. The family celebrates Quill’s milestones. They know how far she’s come and has never let her disability get in her way. Let this story inspire you to rescue a special needs pet today! To experience all of Quill’s cuteness, check out the video below!

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