Puppy Escapes His Home And Instantly Regrets It & Rings Doorbell To Get Back In

| Published on February 10, 2024

Marshall, a three-month-old puppy hailing from Spokane, Washington, momentarily ventured away from his home, only to promptly reconsider his choice. This fleeting attempt at escape became a comically relatable instance, echoing those moments when we, too, have made poor decisions and swiftly felt remorse. Evidently, such sentiments of regret aren’t solely a human experience.


Image/Story Source Credit: ABC7 News Bay Area via YouTube Video


After recognizing his mistake, Marshall sought to get back into his home. He pawed at the door and ingeniously utilized his nose to press the doorbell, producing a knocking noise, several times over. Luckily, this entire episode was recorded by the family’s surveillance system. The footage displayed below captures the adorable Golden Retriever puppy’s efforts to re-enter the house.


Image/Story Source Credit: ABC7 News Bay Area via YouTube Video


After his brief escapade, Marshall was admitted back into the home by an individual. It is wished that Marshall has taken this experience to heart and will refrain from attempting another escape in the future. Greg Basel, the owner of Marshall, shared the video online for others to view!

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